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Since 1993, we at Speedy Delivery have been dedicated to providing our clients with the best courier mail and banking service possible, maintaining a consistent performance for superior results and real value. Our work is not supplemented through outside or subcontracted efforts. All office and delivery staff are employees of Speedy Delivery Inc. giving you that personal touch many companies seem to neglect.

With a common goal of excellence and quality, we believe customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Customer Service:
Our expert staff monitors your delivery from start to finish, while taking every step necessary to ensure top quality service. They answer your enquiries quickly and inform you of any unexpected situation before it can become a problem.

Package Tracking:
Our technology allows us to know where your mail or bank deposit is instantaneously, and we can also tell you who signed for it the minute it gets delivered.

This is the foundation of our service. Our clients call us time after time because we meet deadlines. Whether you need it there within the hour or day, we give you results.
Every invoice will indicate itemized deliveries sorted by job number, department, etc. You will also receive a copy of each waybill.
Our drivers are friendly, punctual, and easy to notice in their Speedy Delivery uniforms and photo identification cards.

We offer your company a highly beneficial service and your satisfaction guaranteed.
It would be our pleasure to serve you.