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BANK DEPOSIT DELIVERY SERVICE - Counter Banking without leaving your office.

At Speedy Delivery we're doing everything we can to make your day-to-day counter banking experience an easy one. Our Bank Deposit Delivery Service is safe, secure and allows you to do your branch banking without leaving your office. We understand that the hardest part of doing your banking is getting to the bank, waiting in lines and meeting deadlines. Don't lose anymore valuable employee time and wages; let us take care of it.

How does our counter banking service work?

A Speedy courier will come to your business, pick up your deposits and take them directly to your bank. Our drivers will gladly wait in line at your bank so you don’t have to. Did you know a trip to a bank and counter banking during peak hours can take as long as an hour?

All banking transactions and correspondence will be returned to you immediately, or on the next business day (depending on your preference). With our service, which can be utilized on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, you will spend more time running your business and less time running to your bank.

Simply leave your daily Banking deposit envelopes ready for collection with your outgoing mail and our Speedy Delivery drivers will securely deposit the cheques and petty cash into your bank

How much does our branch banking service cost?

A speedy courier will pick up your deposits, deliver them directly to your branch and wait in line for you for as little as $7.95/day. Compared to a full time employee on a $45,000 salary who spends at least an hour a day on courier tasks, you can save up to $3,500 per year using our service! Make sure your staff spends their time in the office where they are most productive.

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