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SPEEDY DELIVERY takes safety and security seriously. Your shipments are always safe with us, as we are fully bonded and insured, down to every courier. All our mail, bank deposits and inter office services are secured against fire, theft and loss to protect you, our valued client. We are here to offer you the best courier mail and banking services available.

Why is it important to have Insurance for your courier mail services?

Relying on employees or management to conduct daily bank deposits can create a variety of unnecessary security and liability risks for your company. 
Using internal staff without proper insurance can increase the possibility of fraud, personal injury and costly errors such as lost or damaged deposits. 
Instead of paying employees to conduct time-consuming banking functions, consider Speedy Delivery’s low cost Bank Deposit Services. This service often pays for itself, by saving your employees' time, and reducing your company's liability exposure.
We provide secure, fully bonded delivery of your bank deposits that are custom tailored to suit your schedule. You can rest assured knowing that in the unlikely event of theft, fraud, or accident, you business with us is fully insured. Our drivers hold the WSIB certificate clearance, showing our full dedication to workplace safety.
Here is a sample insurance comittment for one of our valued clients. Yours will be tailored to your specific needs:

'Speedy Delivery' insurance:

  • Dedicated bonded driver for your daily service
  • Commercial General Liability to protect your business for injury or property damage that may have been caused
  • Coverage for the cost of replacing lost or damaged cheques plus any interest incurred as a result of this loss
  • Fidelity Bond to protect your organization against losses that may incur as a result of fraudulent acts