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At SpeedyDelivery we perform over 800 pick-up and delivery errands to and from Canada Post in the GTA each day, saving our clients thousands of hours of productive time every year.
We offer a professional mail pick-up and delivery service to over 400 leading businesses in the Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and Etobicoke region.

Our secure, reliable, professional and most importantly cost-effective service can save you time and money every day.

How can our service be beneficial to your business?

  • Does late mail coming from Canada Post adversely affect your business operation?

  • Did you ever consider the effect of late bank deposits, incoming orders or product inquiries?

  • Do you use internal staff to do Canada Post runs every day?

  • Did you know that on average, internal staff members spend 1-2 hours every day picking up and delivering mail to and from Canada Post?
    In addition, many businesses lose a substantial amount of time and resources due to late distribution of incoming and outgoing mail everyday especially cheques coming to the AR department.

    Speedy Delivery offers a service that will save you thousands of dollars per year. We guarantee the arrival of your incoming mail from Canada Post before 10 AM, for as low as $4.95/day. We also offer our Afternoon Mail Pick Up for your convenience.

    How much is your time worth to you?

    If your staff member who earns $45,000 per year now spends 1.5 hours per day running these unproductive errands, your company can save as much as $5100 per year by using the SpeedyDelivery service. Not only that, your deposits are fully secure and your company liability is reduced significantly.

    To find out just how much your business could save, try our Courier Mail Business Saving Calculator

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    What does Mail Delivery by 10 A.M. mean to you?

    • More time to prepare your daily bank deposits
    • No more trips to your mail box
    • No more trips to Canada Post
    • Mail delivery to your office, on time, every time 

    Even if you are getting your mail early in the morning, keep in mind that the routes of Canada Post carriers change frequently. Some days, your current letter carrier may start his route with your company. Other times, he may find it convenient to end with your company. So if your 9 am mail suddenly becomes 12 pm, please call us. We handle your outgoing mail, including your invoices from incoming cheques.

    We pick up your mail daily between 3:00 and 5:00 pm, ensuring that it arrives at the sorting plant or the main Post Office before the end of the business day. As a token of our commitment to excellence, we offer you to try us for seven days free of charge, under no obligation. We believe Speedy is the best solution for your business, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

    Especially suited for the transfer of high value, time sensitive, direct delivery, and verified delivery. This service is totally customized to your requirements.

    Why choose SpeedyDelivery for your mail courier needs?

    We belive a productive customer is a happy customer. When you can outsource small non strategic tasks like Canada Post mail pickup and delivery, you can focus on what is truly important in your business.
    Our customers tell us they use SpeedyDelivery because:

    We are reliable When we serve you, our customer, you can be assured to see us every day at the same time. We guarantee your service is delivered as promised.

    We are professional Our business is dealing with professionals and hence it is important for us to be professionals. Our whole team understands what it means to deliver a service others can rely on every day.

    We are personable We know customers want to deal with people who they can trust and talk to. We may be a small business but everyone of our team members including our drivers has a personal investment in our business, that is why they care to do a great job.