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Speedy Delivery would like to introduce our Outgoing Mail Pick-Up Service

How it works?

Every day, our driver will come to pickup your outgoing mail, a few parcels and registered mail. We pick up your mail daily when it's convinient for you until 5:00 pm, ensuring it arrives at the sorting plant or the main Canada Post Office before the end of the business day. We also can provide you with an unlimited supply of plastic containers, free of charge.

This saves you from the costs and risks associated with sending someone from your office to Canada Post or even just a mailbox accross the street. It's a simple idea but the savings for you and your business can be significant. In fact, you can save up to $5000 per year using our service instead of your internal staff.

Find out how you can save by using our Courier Mail Business Calculator

How much does it cost?

All receipts, tracking numbers, etc. will be returned to you, and we will also handle your registered mail free of charge! All the above mentioned services are at an unbelievably low price of $4.95 per day!
Using our service has been compared to having an extra team member but at a fraction of the cost and without any liability issues.?

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